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A.I. - Where Innovation Grants Opportunity

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

I've heard and read a lot of talk from creators regarding their opinion of AI. Some are in support and putting the technology to work for them, while other are downright fearful.

The importance of embracing this technology instead of running away from it or being afraid of it can be understood by examining the way current systematic structures operate.

If marginalized people don’t participate in, educate and influence AI development, it will simply be another bias tool used to manipulate and control the masses…much like the education, judicial and religious systems.

What do I mean? There are two ends of this spectrum. Those who are quick to jump into contracts without reading (a conditioning implemented and emphasized through systematic structures you may know as oppression) and those who reject it without question.

The former will give up rights and privacy unknowingly, eager to jump in on the latest trend or show face on the newest platform. The latter will find themselves navigating an unfamiliar world of speedy transitions and will eventually be forced to change - much like how today, we all use the internet.

The key is to balance in the middle. You don’t have to read the Bible to know the people perish for lack of knowledge.

AI operates and responds in accordance to who is creating/feeding it. If it’s not you then it’s “them” again. I encourage you to seek knowledge and again understanding. READ. Learn. Test. Try. Review. Share. Discuss. Ask all the questions.

Indeed, there are ways AI can be used to “replace” artists and regulations are needed…hence the current artists strikes, of which I’m in full support. But what it cannot do is replace the soul and energy of what we feel when we experience these human performed works of art. With AI, there is no life.

AI does speed up production time, cuts down costs and makes being a filmmaker and solopreneur that much more manageable, especially for those who haven’t the funds, support, knowledge or experience to compete with industry standards.

This time around we have access to build from within, at the beginning, to benefit ourselves and to establish the boundaries of its usage. I suggest you use this ever-evolving technology to your advantage. Walk in your power. Create systems that make life easier to navigate, granting you time, energy and freedom to live a life you love.

I want to here from you. How has A.I. affected you? Do you think it's here to stay? Comment below.

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